Orthopedic Surgery

After graduation, Dr. Torok had internship training in internal medicine and surgery.  Not all veterinarians have the experience or training to complete orthopedic surgeries in their clinics as these procedures are more difficult and require special equipment.

The most commonly performed orthopedic procedures are repair / stabilization for ruptured cranial cruciate ligaments, correction of medial patella luxation and fracture reduction/ stabilization.

Call us today for information about your pet’s fracture or ACL fixation! Dr. Torok and her staff will reply to inquiries within 12-24 hours to ensure your pet is cared for as soon as possible.

Ortho2 Ortho3

Forearm Fracture

This small dog suffered a forearm fracture, which Dr. Torok corrected by internal fixation with a bone plate and screws.

Post-operatively, this little guy wore a splint for about 8 weeks to support the fixation and then went back to being a bouncy pup!


Kitten Femur Fracture

This kitten slipped behind the sofa very shortly after being adopted from PAWS Chicago, and broke her femur.  A pin was placed to stabilize the fracture and following this X-ray to confirm proper placement, the pin was cut to appropriate length and kitty was bandaged for about 4 weeks.