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Rabies Episode Part 1
Rabies is a deadly disease that can affect all mammals, including humans and their companion dogs and cats. While Rabies deaths are rare in the United States, tens of thousands of people die each year from Rabies, primarily in Africa and Asia. Almost 99% of Rabies cases in humans are transmitted by dogs. The Rabies vaccine is safe and effective against this fatal virus. In this episode, Dr. Jess Torok joins us to discuss this preventable disease in pets and her work with Mission Rabies in Tanzania.

Rabies Episode Part 2

When Dr. Jess Torok traveled to Tanzania with Mission Rabies in 2017, she wanted to help underserved communities by providing much-needed veterinary care. But on day 3 of her mission, an unexpected health crisis changed everything. Listen to our first installment of Vet Stories, where we take our experts out of the clinic and take you into their lives.