This place is great... staff is super nice and friendly plus they have awesome discounts. Highly recommended

Gino P.

When my mini Dachshund ate a corn cob and needed surgery, Dr. Torok and her team were all over it!  He got X-rays and we tried to treat him outpatient first, but after a restless night at home, he needed surgery.  Dr. T did an Ultrasound before his procedure and found a tumor on his liver.  I was totally freaked out because he's 10...  But she told me not to worry until we have a reason to worry.  She scooped all of the corn from his stomach and removed the tumor, which thankfully was NOT CANCER!!  He is back to his silly bouncy wiener dog self!  We are so thankful for their care, concern and expertise in getting him back to healthy!


Everyone there is awesome and friendly! There are 8 veterinarian offices in/or around Norwood Park. After bouncing around several we found Dr. Torok through a surgical referral. After our experience there (and a successful knee repair) we decided driving out of the City and braving traffic both ways is definitely worth it.

Mike V.

Wonderful office and staff! Dr. Torok is very welcoming and personable! She took her time and was great with my very nervous dog. She took a lot of time to explain and answer all my questions!  Will definitely recommend to others!

Jessica Z.

This place is amazing in every way! Great atmosphere for both me and my dog Blue.

Sary D.

I was a little nervous as being a new vet and all but everyone was so nice and made me and Buster feel  comfortable. Dr. Torok was very nice and explained things to me.

Sandra S.

So impressed with this place.  Dr. Torok was so nice and knowledgeable and her staff is amazing.

Jennifer S.

We loved loved loved our experience! From the moment we walked in we felt very welcomed! Dr. Torok and all the staff were very accommodating to our needs! I'm a nervous person as in (wanting my babies to feel comfortable) they put my mind at ease on how they took care of my babies! We will  definitely go there from here on out! Also have to say love Sunkist, their mascot kitten won my heart  over!  Thank you again!

Keri Nicole

We had the BEST experience! I mentioned that my daughter, Ella, who is nine wanted to be a vet when she grew up and the doctor took her time to have Ella be her assistant. Dr. Torok taught Ella about her bunny, let Ella do part of the examine and Ella was so excited. It is a great place and I appreciate the awesome bed side manner!! We will be switching our two dogs to this vet practice!

Ella's Mom

Visited the clinic for the first time last Friday. I love it!!! Good experience. Dr. Torok explained everything I needed to know & caring for my pet, so much passion. The staff & setting of the clinic is great!!!

Dwyna G.

Awesome service! Called after dog ate chocolate and they had a Vet Tech and room waiting for us by  the time we walked in. Provided quick and immediate care. Great atmosphere and can't emphasize enough the exceptional service!

Matthew H.

My cat was marked as a troublesome cat at his previous vet office, so much so they recommended anti-anxiety meds before his visits. So far, I've been here once with him and it was such a pleasant experience. Where the previous vet couldn't even give him a shot and draw blood when he had the medication, this office was able to do it without it. They took the time to figure out what works best with him and make it an easy experience for all. I enjoyed it so much I scheduled a follow-up visit with our newly adopted pup. He also had a great first visit. Update: Almost 2 years later... We still love Dr Jess and Dr Mullen, all the nurses, and the rest of the staff here!

Katherine Halbig

Another wonderful experience with Dr. Torok and her staff! Everytime I go (which is a lot since I have many pets) I feel welcomed and know my pets will be given the attention they need! No matter what it is I know they will help with the solution! Thank you again for making me feel comfortable with going to the vet again!
As my pets are not just pets, they are my kids! You are truly appreciated and we recommend you so much!

It Takes Two Pet Service

I would not trust my little Tobi to anybody else but to Dr Jessica T. She is caring, always available and  ready to provide you with the best advice. For the last four years we have been following her in her  moves and we are so excited she is now ready to open her own practice. Well done Jessica, Tobi is so very proud of you...wof wof!

Tiziana C.

I felt comfortable from the first time I spoke with Tia on the phone. She is very friendly and helpful. The entire staff was personable and thorough. Dr. Torok was very knowledgeable and caring. I'm so happy with Savannah's new veterinarian!

Stephanie K.

Dr. Torok and company have provided an awesome experience every time we have went. They follow up on treatment plans, prices are reasonable, and the office is clean and comfortable.

Vytenis S.

1st met Dr. Torok 3 years ago, my 14 year old poodle had a tooth ache/infection. Dr. Torok placed  him on antibiotics and gave me the truth - my little guy would need a major dental cleaning and  extractions. My fault, as he was doing less chewing and going for soft food, minus teeth cleaning in a few  years. He and the doctor did amazing for a 3 hour surgery. I sat in the waiting room the entire time. Dr. Torok came out a few times to give me progress reports and explain what was going on. She gave me the  lecture very nicely (I totally deserved it), as what I needed to do going forward. My little guy just turned 17, and as he is slowing down, his spirit is amazing.    He can still shake like a leaf on a windy day sitting in the lobby, but I know he is getting the best care I can  find for him. I trust Dr. Torok with my little guy so much, that I am willing to drive from downtown for  any visit required. True gem in the vet world, caring, detail oriented, passionate about animals. She found  her calling and we are grateful for finding her. Best of Luck in Westmont!

Annette D.

A veterinary Doctor who obviously cares about her patients and their owners. Also, excellent explanations.

Timothy K.

So it’s been a little while since I took my dogs to the vet, so I expected the worst. Dr. Torok and her staff were incredibly welcoming and very thorough in their checks. We got them scheduled for their procedures at warp speed and both are well on their way to a full recovery. Couldn’t be happier with the choice to stay local and try Dr. Torok.

Mary Kay C.

Dr. Torok saved my cat. I would follow her anywhere which is why I left my previous vet and I will travel   from downtown Chicago when her practice opens. She has extensive knowledge and a very gentle manner.    My cat, Monroe, is so at ease with her. I've been waiting patiently for good reason, she's the best!

Gigi G.

My little 4 legged man somehow doesn't mind seeing Dr. T.  He knows she is trying to help him, not hurt him, maybe they both hate anal gland cleaning equally!  Dr. T really cares and if you have questions, ask - she will take the time to make sure you understand what is best for your pet.

Netty Z.

This was our first visit and we brought two of our dogs Bob and Missy and let me tell you they were so wonderful. They treated us and our dogs very kind and Dr. Torok took her time with us. I would recommend this place to anybody, you can really tell everyone love animals that work there and if I could, I would give more stars.

Sheri G.

Dr. Torok is a fantastic doctor! She has been my go-to veterinarian for the last 6 years because she always  takes the time to help me understand issues regarding my pets and their health. I came to Dr. Torok after  my dog was misdiagnosed by another vet. Dr. Torok correctly diagnosed my dog after a few questions OVER THE PHONE! Not only was she right, she set me up with the best care options for my dog. Even my cat likes her!

Kate T.

I have been very happy with Dr. Jessica. Over the past couple years, she has repaired both ACLs on my large breed dog's knees. I couldn't be more pleased with the results. Dr. Jess and her team are friendly, knowledgeable, and my dog is happy to see them.

Diane H.

The doctor takes her time with your pet and is very thorough. She is very friendly and knowledgeable. The staff is also very helpful and friendly. Nice office as well. Highly recommend this practice.

Bob D.

Great, went to four surgeons before finding Dr. Torok and staff. We were going to drive three hours and have it done out of state and thankfully found her shortly before having the surgery done. They are ALL very knowledgeable, caring and thorough. They get right down on the floor with the animals and examine them to help ease their nervousness, I assume that is part of the no-fear. Cost is great, knee surgery was great, fully recovered now and I would highly recommend them.

Greg F.

They’re amazing. Friendly and attentive. Check out my full review on Yelp! Loooove them! I highly recommend everyone to check them out. You don’t know what you’re missing. Seriously.

Chris T.

The staff is very friendly and professional. The owner/operator, Jessica Torok, DVM was also very friendly, professional, knowledgeable and confident. I felt she understand our pet's issue and offered a clear solution.

Steven S.

Visited this clinic for the first time today and had a great experience! The clinic itself is beautiful, and the entire staff was warm and welcoming. The vet took her time with our dog, and it was clear she is so knowledgeable and really cares about the animals they treat. Will definitely be back, and would recommend this business!

Lindsay K.

Dr. Torok is definitely the most compassionate and most personable vet we have brought our pets to (and I have grown up with and had pets for more than 30 years). I can not recommend Urban Veterinary Associates enough. Our boxer has a very extensive medical history and most recently had an issue where our regular west suburban vet referred us to a specialty vet in Buffalo Grove. While that vet was able to perform surgery on what they thought might be the problem, they were unfortunately unable to give us a diagnosis or resolution. After no improvement we luckily found Dr. Torok. She has been able to give us definitive diagnoses along with multiple treatment plans centered around life expectancy, quality of life, what we can afford, and what is best for our family's (dogs included) overall well-being.

Justin M.

Dr. Torok has been nothing short of amazing . Our dog has been off for months now on what started her right hind and then seemed to be both hinds. The first Vet we took her to was our normal Vet until now, and they took X-rays and told us to just keep her calm for 1 week and she should get better . Well that week passed and nothing changed . Of course she would have good and bad days. We then started to take her to a chiropractor which helped a bit but then went back to where we first started . Took her to another vet and she said she probably has a tear in both ccls and recommended laser treatment and keep doing chiropractor and gave medicine as well. She also said if it doesn't get better to do surgery on both legs . Well that ended up being a lot of money for two legs. After doing lots of research we found Dr. Torok. Took her for a consultation where she made our dog feel part of a family and explained everything for about an hour and half . During that time, she took 3 X-rays and performed the examination in front of us and explained everything she was doing. We ended up doing surgery on not two but ONE leg (because her other leg is fine ). On the road to recovery now  we will now take all our dogs to Jessica Torok. Thank you.

Nikki W.

My senior dog is a new patient at Urban Veterinary Associates and I am so impressed with my first visit! Dr Torok spent so much time with us, thoroughly addressing all of my concerns and developing a health plan for us. I love the range of services/options that are available and most importantly the education provided to help me make decisions with confidence. I learned SO MANY helpful things today and I am feeling confident entering my pup's golden years under Dr Torok's care!

Sarah S.

I highly recommend Urban Veterinary Associates in Westmont, IL for your pet.  Dr. Jessica Torok and her staff are compassionate and knowledgeable.  Dr. Torok took the time to provide excellent care for my puppy and answer all of my questions.  She has a great bed side manner.  It was an awesome experience for both my dog and I.

B. Thomas C.

Dr. Torok and her staff are very professional and friendly. They are very good with animals, and really helped my cat. We are definitely going back!

Nancy B.

Thank you Dr. Torok for making my experience a great one! I was nervous about bringing in my Rottie as she doesn't always like being touched by strangers.  Dr. Torok tried making my sweet girl feel less anxious, prior to her exam.  She also modified her exam since my dog wasn't really feeling it.  I am so happy she came to Westmont!

Alyssa M.

Dr. Torok is an amazing veterinarian. My previous vet had been treating my dog for over a year. He did not figure out what the root of her problems was. However, Dr. T diagnosed Starr's anal sac cancer almost immediately. She is very kind and thorough and she loves pets. She took great care of my old gal. I had a white German Shepherd named Starr who did not mind going to see Dr. Jess and her staff. She helped us keep Starr comfortable for the last of her doggie days. She also stayed with me while we had to put Starr to sleep. She was amazing! We laughed, hugged and cried together. They were all incredible. You must take your pet family members to Dr. Jess. She is a truly God send! When the next pup comes along, I can't wait to take him or her to Dr. Jess and the crew!

Martika G.

It was our first visit the other day and very happy with whole experience..Tia at front desk was awesome and very friendly and so nice with my dog Sam..Dr. Jess and team were amazing and made Sam very comfortable. I actually traveled few towns over to come here and will definitely return..thank you guys..

Jessica F.